Saturday, January 01, 2005

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Oh! Wanderers in the shadowed land despair not!... Frodo's song

I’ve always wanted to save the world. Click here to get to know me. So why have my annual New Year’s resolutions been so myopic?

Every year I’ve come up with self-help regimens designed to banish my personal pesky demons. Mine was the mantra of pretty much every American adult in early January—exercise more, and hold the dessert. But this year, something’s different. The 2004 presidential campaign has changed the way I look at New Year’s resolutions forever.

November’s election illustrated that political candidates often opine on cultural issues unrelated to our survival. We’re bombarded with shards of rancorous rhetoric on issues about which voters are nearly evenly divided. Why are our political leaders failing us? We need leadership rather than more buck passing, procrastination, and partisans blaming the other team.

After the elections, I found myself wishing that politicians would spend less time arguing about culturally divisive issues, and more time cooperating to change the world for the better. I wondered what I could do to hold our office-holding politicians accountable to work together, with civility and respect, to solve our most crucial challenges. In short, I wanted to know how I can help to Lead our Leaders?

This year, I want to reach beyond my chocolate addiction. Shouldn’t I work to secure the future of our next generation instead? Our world is facing urgent survival issues. Why can’t you and I be virtual-lobbyists and Lead Our Leaders to change the way politics is done in America?

This is a daunting task and I’ll need your help. We can do it! The hero’s journey is one of the most common archetypes in literature. A hero doesn’t have to be physically strong, tough, or even brave. All she needs is vision, a little imagination, and determination! Ordinary heroes, with their individual flaws and weaknesses, like Rahab in the Bible, Joan of Arc, Dante inspired by Beatrice, Mary Wollstonecraft, Dinah Maria Mulock, Alice in Wonderland, Florence Nightingale’s Cassandra, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Lucy & Susan in C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicle of Narnia, Lassie, Norma Rae, Erin Brokovitz, Laura Croft and Samantha Carter have shared their stories of saving the world. Little guys, like you and me, can slay the dragons of ignorance and intolerance and save the world.

For inspiration I turn to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, an epic tale of one small hobbit’s heroic quest to vanquish evil and establish world peace. Frodo Baggins is a common Hobbit who is forced to carry a ring on a perilous journey to save his people in the mythical land of Middle-earth.

Tolkien experienced social and political challenges in the early 20th century that may have forged his commitment to pen Frodo’s empowering journey. Wealth inequalities of the military corps in WW-I, and the injustice of child labor during the Industrial Revolution were realities of his life in England. Incensed by government policy that was not in the best interest of the people, Tolkien gave us a ring-bearing hero to protect the world and drive away evil. Tolkien’s books are wonderful meditations on the power of friendship and the commitment to helping others in times of peril.

I’d be honored if you’d start a noble journey with me as a ring bearer to make our global village a better place.

Our world is vulnerable like Frodo’s Middle-earth. We, like Frodo, are humble people who feel called to save the world. But you and I can’t do it alone—we need the assistance and friendship of this world’s Sams, Gandolphs, and even Gollums. Please visit our Lead Our Leaders website for a discussion of the five issues threatening our existence. We must be the Frodos in the struggle to ameliorate polarization, terror, wealth inequalities, deficits, energy crises and environmental damage.

Please vote in our website’s virtual voting booth. Tell our leaders that you want them to work to solve our five survival issues. And please read my blogs for ideas on how we all can be ring bearers to save our corner of the world. Frodo was an ordinary man like you and I who volunteered to be the ring bearer to destroy the evil ring.

Frodo represents the good of every person like you and me. Frodo, you and I are the heroes needed today.

Tolkien’s Hobbits are small ordinary people called upon to perform extraordinary acts. Their valor inspires us all.

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them.

Let’s work together to change the ring of rancorous partisan politics into one of cooperative struggle for positive global change.

Will you join me in being a ring bearer in this eternal theme of common man triumphing over complacency? Please go to our website and start now!

Thanx - Mary