Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Inaugural: Please unite us


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President Bush was re-elected by a 3.5 million national popular vote margin. Thank goodness there was no polarizing litigation this time around to certify the results. Hopefully the president will construe his clear victory as an opportunity to unite the country and the world. Let the healing begin!

As bitter as this campaign may have seemed, it’s helpful to recognize that the candidates had much in common. Neither President Bush nor Senator Kerry campaigned against the war. Both candidates campaigned on freedom from terrorism and renewed economic prosperity. Fine so far!

Even as we disagree on how our favorite candidate would have brought relief to our domestic challenges, Lead Our Leaders hope all our legislators will concentrate on five survival issues which transcend party politics: polarization, terror, deficits, wealth inequalities, and energy/environment issues. These are objectives consistent with our constitutional responsibilities and expectations. They determine our national and global future.

Without global stabilization, our borders will not protect us from terrorist attacks. Safe borders will allow trading opportunities, which will in turn provide a higher standard of living while enriching us through diverse human interchanges. Let the good times roll!

Free and strong allied countries can export and import goods, not their problems, like terror and drugs. Safe prosperity!

President Bush and Senator Kerry agreed that nation-building is not an American military task alone. Arguing now over who could best unite us is pointless. Let us concentrate on how to move forward together. We all want the same things: security and prosperity. So how hard could it be?

Let's put aside our party differences and work on our five survival issues. Rodney King made a great point: "Can't we all just get along?!"

But we can’t expect our legislators to reconcile their differences and move forward without us. We need to be a part of the solution. President Bush has said, "Every citizen should be an agent of his or her own destiny." True - heaven knows we can't depend on the government to determine our future for us.

Choices I've made over the years have shaped my story. Some of my choices were good -others bad. I learned practical lessons from my lamentable decisions, so I came to embrace my mistakes with gratitude. I'm glad my personal history didn't run solely on the wheels of inevitability, and I don’t want to let our nation’s history run its course without making an impact.

So I accept President Bush’s challenge to be an agent for change. Hence the title of my blog: Empower Yourself To Be The Solution. It's for you. And it's for me. I hope you'll help me along my journey.

Let's guide ourselves and our leaders toward a brighter future. I'm ready - and I hope you are too!


Lead Our Leaders will give you some background on our five most pressing survival issues.

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